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Cognitive Computer Vision Course

Kingsley Sage and Hilary Buxton
University of Sussex

The preparation of this course was funded by ECVision under Specific Action 8-3

Course Outline

Lecture 1:    Introduction / What is CCV?
Lecture 2:    Generative and discriminative models
Lecture 3:    Graphical models / what are they?
Lecture 4:    Graphical models / Examples of different sorts and "family of models"
Lecture 5:    Probability thoery reminder, Bayes rule and Bayesian networks
Lecture 6:    Inference in Bayesian networks
Lecture 7:    Discrete HMMs
Lecture 8:    Gaussian Mixtures and continuous valued HMMs
Lecture 9:    Behaviour recognition: Bottom up/top-down vision. HIVIS, DBNs and DDNs, BAT
Lecture 10:   Visual task control: ActIPret
Lecture 11:   Learning in HMMs (discrete case)
Lecture 12:   Learning in HMM (continuous case) & stochastic sampling
Lecture 13:   Learning in BBNs, taxonomy of learning methods and 1 method in detail
                  (full observability and known structure)
Lecture 14:   Learning in BBNs, overview of other 3 methods
Lecture 15:   Active cameras, Bayes Nets and tasks - future challenges

The complete course is available for download in a zip file (215 Mb)

Individual lectures can also be viewed on-line or downloaded in zip files.

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