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ECVision Prize for Best Application Development in Cognitive Vision Systems

ECVision has sponsored a competition to identify the company that has best adopted the cognitive vision philosophy of adaptive learning in its products. This prize was awarded in May 2003 to Inx Systems Corp., Finland for its Optigrader on-line volume and quality measurement timber inspection system. The Optigrader uses self-organizing feature maps to effect learning via supervised training to yield a parameter-less classification / inspection system.

According to the winner, "The OptiGrader system is fully automatic and the grading processes do not require special staff. The production process with measurement, optimizing and grading is reliable and the sawmill do not require special technical staff to keep the system up and running, because there are no special parameters to adjust and the whole unit do not need any special service".

For more details, see the Inx Systems Website.

For press cuttings, see here (PDF 1.5Mb)

Partick Courtney (left), ECVision Area Coordinator for Industrial Liaison, presents Risto Pettinen (right), Inx Systems Export Director, with the prize of the best application development in cognitive vision systems at ECCV 2004 in Prague in May 2004.

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