The iCub

The iCub is a 53 degree-of-freedom cognitive humanoid robot which was developed in the multi-disciplinary RobotCub project funded by the European Commission, Project IST-004370, under Strategic Objective Cognitive Systems. The iCub website is at

Our goals in this project were to create an open-systems research platform to promote collaborative research in enactive artificial cognitive systems and to advance our own theories of cognition. My specific responsibility in the project is the iCub's cognitive architecture.

The science journal Nature recently featured an article on the iCub (see here ) and you can find an overview of the science and technology behind the iCub in [Sandini, Metta, Vernon 2007].

I gave a keynote talk at the EUCogII conference in January 2010 entitled "Cognitive Development and the iCub Humanoid Robot". This talk is available on-line as a guest lecture in the The ShanghAI Lectures.

At 94 cm tall, the iCub is the same size as a three year-old child. It can crawl on all fours and will be able to sit up, its hands will allow dexterous manipulation, and its head and eyes are fully articulated. It has visual, vestibular, auditory, and haptic sensory capabilities. As an open system, the design and documentation of all hardware and software is licensed under the Free Software Foundation GNU licences so that the system can be freely replicated and customized.

Many people contribute to the creation of the iCub. These include Giulio Sandini, Giorgio Metta, Paul Fitzpatrick, Lorenzo Natale, Francesco Nori, Francesco Orabona, Matteo Brunettini, Italian Institute of Technology & University of Genoa; Paolo Dario, Cecilia Laschi, Anna Maria Carrozza, Giovanni Stellin, Scuola S. Anna, Pisa; Rolf Pfeifer, Gabriel Gomez, Alexandre Schmitz, Yvonne Gustain, Jonas Ruesch, University of Zurich; Claes von Hofsten, Kerstin Rosander, Olga Kochukova, Helena Gronqvist, University of Uppsala; Luciano Fadiga, Laila Craighero, Andrey Olyniyck, Livio Finos, Giovanni Ottoboni, University of Ferrara; Kerstin Dautenhahn, Chrystopher Nehaniv, Assif Mirza, Hatice Kose-Bagci, University of Hertfordshire; Jos\'{e} Santos-Victor, Alex Bernardino, Luis Montesano, Julio Gomes, Rodrigo Venturo, IST Lisbon; Darwin Caldwell, John Gray, Nick Tsagarakis, University of Salford; Aude Billard, Auke Ijspeert, Ludovic Righetti, Sarah Degallier, Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne; Francesco Becchi, Telerobot S.r.l. I'm sorry if I have forgotten anyone. If I have, please let me know.