Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Machine Learning in Africa

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General Articles on AI in Africa

The AI Invasion is Coming to Africa (and It’s a Good Thing)
Look to Africa to advance artificial intelligence Nature 562, 461 (2018)
Artificial Intelligence Hits African Companies
AI & Global Governance: AI in Africa is a Double-Edged Sword
The future of AI: Why Google is betting big on Africa
Artificial Intelligence – how can it benefit Africa?
Google AI in Ghana

Robotics in Africa

Robots in Africa. What does this mean for the continent ?
African countries are importing robots and young people's jobs are at risk
Research Institute against Digestive Cancer (IRCAD)
IRCAD in the press
Pan-African Robotics Competition
Robotics for Kids
MIT-Africa Robotics Boot Camp
Humanoid robot Sophia addresses Africa technology summit in Rwanda
Robofest 2019
All-girls robotics team from Ghana wins World Robofest Championship in the U.S.

Economic Policy and Impact

Robots and industrialization in developing countries - summary
Robots and industrialization in developing countries - report
The Rise of the Robot Reserve Army: Automation and the Future of Economic Development, Work, and Wages in Developing Countries
Artificial intelligence for Africa: an opportunity for growth, development, and democratization
Policy innovation for transforming Africa’s food system with digital technologies
Digitalisation and the future of African manufacturing: Briefing paper
Digitalisation and the future of African manufacturing.
Technology at Work v2.0 The Future Is Not What It Used to Be
Premature Deindustrialization

Robotics and AI Education in Africa

ICRA 2015 - Robotics in Education in Africa
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Master’s in Machine Intelligence (AIMMI)

Drones in Africa

Drones on the Horizon: Transforming Africa’s Agriculture
AI and remote sensing in agriculture
Impact of drones in Rwanda
In the Air With Zipline’s Medical Delivery Drones
 - IEEE Spectrum, April 2019

AI-related Companies and Applications

6 artificial intelligence startups in Africa to look out for
Charis UAS Unmanned Aerial Solutions
Professional Drone Services and Analytics
Third Eye Water
Ulima all-in-one app for pre- to post-harvest farming, providing tailored and step-by-step assistance to farmers
iCow expert information on good farming practices accessed through SMS alerts
M-Farm connects farmers with local buyers and provides a real-time virtual marketplace
Ryonic Robotics
Hepta Analytics