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Definitions of Cognition

Over 40 Definitions of Cognition (it has proved difficult to define cognition and it is worth reading Aaron Sloman's argument that it isn't worth trying)
A definition of a cognitive system from the Springer Reference Guide to Computer Vision


IEEE Guide to the World of Robots


Research Challenges

Social Cognition for Human-Robot Symbiosis—Challenges and Building Blocks
The limits and potentials of deep learning for robotics
Building machines that learn and think like people
Controversies in Cognitive Systems Research
A First Draft Analysis of Some Meta-Requirements for Cognitive Systems in Robots

Cognitive Architecture Surveys

40 years of cognitive architectures: core cognitive abilities and practical applications
Companion website for 40 years of cognitive architectures: core cognitive abilities and practical applications
Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures Society (BICA) comparison of 25 cognitive architectures
A world survey of artificial brain projects, Part II: Biologically inspired cognitive architectures

Cognitive Architecture Design Principles

Design principles for biologically inspired cognitive robotics
Desiderata for Developmental Cognitive Architectures
A Standard Model of the Mind, now referred to as a Common Model of Cognition

Robot Platforms

openEASE Open Knowledge for AI-Enabled Robots
iCub open source cognitive humanoid robotic platform

Research Networks

TC-CORO: IEEE Technical Committee on Cognitive Robotics
EUCog: European Society for Cognitive Systems
BICA: Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures Society

White Papers

Computing, cognition and the future of knowing John Kelly, Senior Vice President, IBM Research and Solutions Portfolio.
Dynamic Field Theory (DFT): Applications in Cognitive Science and Robotics
Observing Human Behaviour in Image Sequences: The Video-Hermeneutic Challenge
Cognitive Ontologies: Mapping Structure and Function of the Brain from a Systemic View
Coordinating with the Future: the Anticipatory Nature of Representation
Communication and Distributed Control in Multi-Agent Systems: Preliminary Model of Micro-unmanned Aerial Vehicle (MAV) Swarms
Enactive Artificial Intelligence
CoEvolutionary Approaches in Cognitive Robotic Systems Design
Action Selection for Intelligent Systems


IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems
Cognitive Systems Research
Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures
Cognitive Computation and Systems


Cognitive Architectures by M. Ferreira, J. Sequeira, and R. Ventura (Eds.)


AIC - Artificial Intelligence and Cognition International Workshop Series

Software Resources

EASE - Everyday Activity Science and Engineering: Open Knowledge for AI-Enabled Robots
CRAM: Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine
KnowRob: Knowledge Processing for Robots
The CLARION Cognitive Architecture Project
BECCA: Brain-Emulating Cognition and Control Architecture
AKIRA: C++ development framework to build cognitive architectures and complex artificial intelligent agents
AmonI: Artificial Models of Natural Intelligence]
CAST: The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit
YARP: Yet Another Robot Platform.
ROS: Robot Operating System

Summer Schools

1st Summer School on Cognitive Robotics MIT 2017
2nd Summer School on Cognitive Robotics MIT 2018
3rd Summer School on Cognitive Robotics USC 2019

Teaching Resources


Elizabeth Spelke's talk on Core Knowledge of Number and Geometry at the inaugural meeting of euCognition in 2006
Trailer for The Age of Robots from Massimo Brega


IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine Tutorials
Tutorial on Embodiment
Control engineering of autonomous cognitive vehicles - a practical tutorial
The dynamic neural field approach to cognitive robotics
Neuronal Dynamics Approaches to Cognitive Robotics

Model Curricula

euCognition Cognitive Systems Model Curriculum
University of Skövde MSc in Cognitive Systems Model Curriculum


Artificial Cognitive Systems; teaching material for Artificial Cognitive Systems - A Primer, MIT Press, 2014; click here for additional support material.
Cognitive Computer Vision
MIT Open Courseware: Computational Cognitive Science

Degrees in Cognitive Systems

The following is a sample of the Master-level degrees that are available in cognitive systems.

University of Birmingham Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics MSc
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain Interdisciplinary Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (60 ECTS)
Technical University of Munich Robotics, Cognition, and Intelligence
University of Warwick M.Sc. in Cognitive Systems
University of Zurich Master of Science in Informatics: Field of study Multimodal and Cognitive Systems
Jacobs University, Germany Cognitive Systems and Processes

Research Networks and Societies

TC-CORO: IEEE Technical Committee on Cognitive Robotics
euCognition: European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems. This network was the first in a series of three networks, culminating in EUCog below.
EUCog: European Society for Cognitive Systems
BICA: Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures Society
ESSCS: European Society for the Study of Cognitive Systems