Welcome to my personal website!

I am a Professor of Informatics at the Informatics Research Centre, University of Skövde, Sweden. Over the past 34 years I have held positions in several information technology sectors: as a software engineer in industry, as a university professor in Ireland and the UAE, as a consultant, and as a project officer in the European Commission and Science Foundation Ireland.

Currently, I'm working on the design and implementation of an enactive cognitive architecture for the iCub humanoid robot using a roadmap for cognitive development. I'm focussing mainly on achieving autonomy through organizational homeostasis and circular causality. In particular, I am investigating the use of intrinsic value systems to drive development and prospective action selection through internal simulation, applying it specifically to visual attention.

My main focus at the moment is on completing a primer on artificial cognitive systems to be published by MIT Press in 2014.

I am a keen road cyclist. Having recently moved to Sweden, I decided to enter the Vätternrundan, a 300km sportive held in mid-June in the south of Sweden. This is one of the biggest cycling events in the world with some 23,000 riders, most of whom start late Friday night or early Saturday morning and ride through the night. I started at 00:36 and my time was 10:16. The target for 2014 is 10 hours. Training starts now.