Welcome to my personal website!

I am a Professor of Informatics at the Informatics Research Centre, University of Skövde, Sweden. Over the past 34 years I have held positions in several information technology sectors: as a software engineer in industry, as a university professor in Ireland and the UAE, as a consultant, and as a project officer in the European Commission and Science Foundation Ireland.

My new book, Artificial Cognitive Systems - A Primer, will be published by MIT Press in October. Cognition - natural and artificial - centers on anticipating the need for action and developing the capacity to predict the outcome of those actions. The book tells two stories in parallel, providing straightforward descriptions in the main text while introducing the reader to the finer points of the material and providing suggestions for further reading through a sequence of side notes.

In research, I'm working on a new EC-funded project, DREAM, that will deliver the next generation robot-enhanced therapy (RET). The goal is to develop clinical interactive capacities for social robots that can operate autonomously for limited periods under the supervision of a psychotherapist.