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"Cognitive vision is a lot about being able to assert that something is there, given very little visual evidence, and even perhaps despite evidence to the contrary"

   Aaron Bobick


Text of Enquiry

ECVision Research Roadmap
Version 5.0 of the roadmap is now available Click here or, alternatively, go to menu item Research Planning->Research Roadmap.
[23 August 2005]
Artificial Cognitive Systems
A report on the Workshop 'Future Trends in Artificial Cognitive Systems'
[18 May 2005]
New Cognitive Vision Course
Hilary Buxton and Kingsley Sage, University of Sussex, have prepared a new course on cognitive computer vision: click here!
[17 May 2005]
New Annotated Bibliography
The bibliography has been updated and now contains 700 indexed and annotated entries: click here! .
[30 March 2005]
Application Prize Press Cuttings
The ECVision Prize for the Best Application Development in Cognitive Vision Systems was won by Inx Systems Corp., Finland; click here for details and press cuttings.
[28 March 2005]
ECVision is a research network which was formed to promote research, education, and application systems engineering in cognitive computer vision.
ECVision is funded by the European Commission under the IST Programme (Project 35454).

ECVision has four main activities:

  - Research Planning
  - Education and Training
  - Information Dissemination
  - Industrial Liaison

A Definition of Cognitive Vision

Highlights of ECVision

European Commission Unit E5 - Cognition

European Research Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems

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