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* Introduction to [[Cognitive Robotics]]
* Introduction to [[Cognitive Robotics]]
<!-- * [[Algorithms and Data Structures]] (support material) -->
* [[Algorithms and Data Structures]] (support material)
<!-- * [[Applied Computer Vision]]  -->
<!-- * [[Applied Computer Vision]]  -->
* [[Artificial Cognitive Systems]]
* [[Artificial Cognitive Systems]]

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Cognitive Robotics

Cognitive Robotics Resources
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Technical Committee for Cognitive Robotics Website

Robotics in Africa

There is increasing awareness of the positive impact that AI and robotics will have on developing countries. In particular, providing opportunities for social and economic empowerment but also posing some significant challenges. Three questions arise: What role will robotics play, how can Africa best exploit the opportunities that intelligent automation and cognitive robotics have to offer, and how can Africa offset the threats posed by global factors? These issues are discussed in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Africa, IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, Vol. 26, No. 4, pp. 131-135, December 2019.

The Robotics in Africa page provides links to related resources.


Additional material to support some of the courses on my main website.


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