Second Six-Monthly Meeting
11-12 January 2007
Room K13
Municon - Munich Airport Conference Centre

A programme for the meeting can be found here (pdf - 0.17 Mb)

The afternoon of Thursday 11 January was devoted to a competition for student members of euCognition. Entrants made a 15 minute presentation on their cognitive systems research topics and a prize was be awarded to the student(s) who gave the best (i.e. most engaging and informative) presentation. The prize is a grant to cover the costs of travelling to a cognitive systems workshop or conference of her/his choice, subject to a maximum value of 1000 euro (normal reimbursement rules) plus the cost of registering for the conference/workshop.

Friday 12th January was devoted to the euCognition Roadmap: our vision of the applications that are relevant to cognitive systems, and the scientific and technological advances that are needed to realize them. The roadmap will be requirements-driven and capability-led so that it provides both a vehicle for industry outreach and a forum for scientific outlook.

For more information, please see the euCognition wiki here.


    Thursday 11th January
13:00    Registration
14:00 Student Competition
- Cyril Brom, Charles University:   Level of detail for action selection of human-like agents
- Sanja Fidler, University of Ljubljana:   Learning Hierarchical Representations of Object Categories
- Martin Antenreiter, University of Leoben:   A reasoning system to track movements of totally occluded objects
- Armin Duff, University Pompeu Fabra:   Rule learning in men, machines and avatars: From the neuronal organization of the pre-frontal cortex to computational principles
- Adrian Ion, Vienna University of Technology:   Smart without abstraction?
- Javier Orozco, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona:   Emotional Max Headrooms based on Facial Expression Evaluation
- Marc Hanheide, Bielefeld University:   An ego-vision system for Cognitive Assistance
- Ricardo Tellez, Technical University of Catalonia:   Tactical modularity for evolutionary animats
- Jie Luo, IDIAP Research Institute:   Incremental Learning for Adaptive Visual Place Recognition in Dynamic Indoor Environments
- Markus Raabe, University of Regensburg:   How the brain processes visually induced self-motion
- Vassilios Vonikakis, Democritus University of Thrace:   Enhancement of perceptually salient contours with an artificial cortical network
- Oliver Herbort, University of Würzburg:   Encoding Sensorimotor Redundancy for Flexible Behavior
- Volker Fischer, University of Regensburg:   Fast estimation of Dynamic Causal Models of fMRI time series
- Juraj Simko, University College Dublin:   Abstract Model of Speech
- Rainer Stollhoff, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences:   Prosopagnosia - How face recognition does not work
- Benjamin Inden, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences:   Speciated Neuroevolution
18:30 Judges Convene
19:00 Announcement of winners: Sanja Fidler and Armin Duff
    Friday 12th January
10:00 Registration
10:30 Goals of the Meeting
Bill Sharpe, The Appliance Studio Ltd.: The euCognition Roadmap
10:45 The Commission Perspective:
Colette Maloney, European Commission: FP7 Challenge 2 - Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics
11:15 The Industrial Perspective:
- Rainer Bischoff, KUKA Roboter GmbH:
- Christof Eberst, Profactor GmbH: Industrial Services: From Value Added Product(ion) to Life Cycle Orientation
- David Vernon (with contributions from Bernard Sendhoff, CTO, Honda Research Institute Europe): Software Platform Concepts and Cognitive Robotics
- Andy Graham, Independent Consultant: Transport Landmarks
- Hakan Warston, Saab: Situation Awareness in Network Based Command and Control Systems
- Patrick Courtney, Perkin Elmer:
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Student Competition: presentation by winner & prize-giving
14:20 The Academic Perspective:
- James Crowley, INRIA Rhône-Alpes: A Common Sense Approach to Learning Social Interaction
- Stefano Nolfi, CNR-ISTC: On the Relation between cognition and behaviour: an embodied perspective
- José Santos-Victor, Instituto Superior Técnico: Cognitive (Robotic) Systems
- Aaron Sloman, Birmingham University: What's a Research Roadmap For? Why do we need one? How can we produce one?
15:20 Open Forum
16:00 Closing Remarks
David Vernon, Etisalat University College: Overview of euCognition Activities
16:30 Close