Announcements of euCognition and CogSys news and events are listed here. Information on other relevant events can be found on the Events menu.

A follow-up project EUCogII was proposed in Call 3 in April 2008, evaluated positively (15/15) and after a long negotiation process, we now have a contract and started the project. This means that we will invite you to become a member in our new network and participate in the work on the vision of the discipline.

We expect that in early March we shall have a website and an online system for you to become a member (probably at the known address

Vincent C. Müller
Coordinator, EUCogII

The euCognition wiki is being decommissioned. With the conclusion of the euCognition contract at the end of 2008, and the launch of the follow-on network in 2009 with its own website, the material from the euCognition wiki is being migrated to the euCognition website for archival.

The Cognitive Systems Outreach Project, funded by euCognition Network Actions NA 044-3 and NA 044-4, has produced a considerable amount of useful introductory material on cognitive systems. An associated wiki also has some useful teaching material.

A white paper Dynamic Field Theory (DFT): Applications in Cognitive Science and Robotics by Wolfram Erlhagen and Estela Bicho, University of Minho, Portugal, is now available. This workshop was supported by euCognition through Network Action NA 057-1.

A Summary and the Proceedings of the 2008 Workshop on Interactive Robot Learning are now available. This workshop was supported by euCognition through Network Action NA 297-1.

6th euCognition Six-Monthly Meeting: Achievements and Challenges Venice, 28-29 November 2008
This is an official euCognition event

Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology Summer School, the Institute of Audio-visual Studies (IUA) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, 8 September - 19 September 2008

Workshop on Enactive Approaches to Social Cognition, PowderMills Hotel, Battle, UK, 30 August - 1 August 2008
This is an official euCognition event

5th euCognition Six-Monthly Meeting: The Role of Anticipation in Cognition Munich, 27 June 2008
This is an official euCognition event

International Conference on Cognitive Systems (CogSys 2008) University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany, April 2 - 4, 2008

Economic Impact of Investment in Intelligent Machine Technology, 2006-2025

White paper on the Anticipatory Nature of Representation 20 January 2008

White paper on Communication and Distributed Control in Multi-Agent Systems 06 January 2008

Eighth International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems Brighton, UK, 31 July - 2 August 2008.
This is an official euCognition event

The Archive of Eye Movement Data from Everyday Actions is now available at Several of these data sets were prepared for the repository from pre-existing data with support from euCognition under Network Action NA024-2; see here for more details.

6th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems, Vision for Cognitive Systems Santorini, 12-15 May 2008.

4th International Cognitive Vision Workshop – ICVW 2008 Santorini, 12 May 2008.

5th International Workshop on Attention in Cognitive Systems - WAPCV 2008 Santorini, 12 May 2008.

Course on Multimodal Signals: Cognitive and Algorithmic Issues Vietri Sul Mare, Italy, 21-26 April 2008
This is an official euCognition event

Workshop: Models of Thought: Post-Cognitivist Epistemologies Munich 20th and 21st February 2008.
This is an official euCognition event

Cognitive Systems Industry Day Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany, January 29th 2008.

We are happy to announce a new policy on Official euCognition Events which will allow the costs of attendance at all official euCognition workshops to be reimbursed. 16 October 2007

Several new software resources are now available. 3 October 2007

White paper on Enactive Artificial Intelligence 24 August 2007

4th euCognition Six-Monthly Meeting: Social Cognition Venice, 10-11 January 2008
This is an official euCognition event

Workshop on Mathematical Models of Cognitive Behaviour 9 November 2007

Workshop on Dynamical Approaches to Development: Beyond the Metaphor 9-10 September 2007

White paper on CoEvolutionary Approaches in Cognitive Robotic Systems Design 27 June 2007

CVonline now has a new sub-tree devoted to Introductory Visual Psychophysics & Psychology. This work was funded through Network Action 068-2.

CPCS07: Challenging Problems in Cognitive Systems - Abstraction and Context in Cognitive Systems, Vienna, Austria, 30 August 2007. Posted on 15 April 2007.

The latest website statistics show that Liz Spelke's inaugural presentation still tops the poll of most popular documents over the past year. Other top documents include Scott Kelso's inaugural presentation, Cyril Brom's and Joanna Bryson's white paper on action selection for intelligent systems, Axel Pinz's survey paper on object categorization, Jiri Wiedermann's inaugural presentation, all of which have been downloaded over 1000 times. Posted on 8 April 2007.

The Exective Committee Meeting Notes held in Munich, 30 March 2007, are now available. Posted on 4 April 2007.

Armin Duff's prize-winning presentation Rule learning in men, machines and avatars: From the neuronal organization of the pre-frontal cortex to computational principles, from the Student Competition at the at the 2nd Six-Monthly, 25 March 2007, is now available. Posted on 30 March 2007.

The 5th European Neuro-IT and Neuroengineering School Delmenhorst, 15-21 July 2007, is now open for applications. Posted on 25 March 2007.

Sanja Fidler's prize-winning presentation Learning Hierarchical Representations of Object Categories, from the Student Competition at the at the 2nd Six-Monthly, 25 March 2007, is now available. Posted on 25 March 2007.

The 7th International Conference on Epigentic Robotics, 5-7 November 2007, has now issued a call for papers. Posted on 22 March 2007.

Two out-of-print books are now available on-line:

M. A. Fischler, O. Firschein, Intelligence: The Eye, the Brain and the Computer, Addison-Wesley, 1987.

J.E. W. Mayhew, J.P. Frisby, 3D Model Recognition From Stereoscopic Cues, MIT Press, 1991.

See here for more details.

The presentations and background material from Workshop on Embodying Cognition, Palma de Mallorca, December 14-16, 2006, are now available here. Posted on 19 March 2007.

New menu item on Partner Search under News where people who are interested in seeking partners from among the members of euCognition for project proposals in the current call in Challenge 2: Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics can post their needs. Posted on 24 February 2007.

New menu item on Management Reports under More Info; posted on 24 February 2007.

Challenge 2: Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics - Technical Background Notes for Proposers. This is essential reading for people intending to submit a proposal.

First issue of the Journal of Problem Solving. This is an open access journal and is the first one devoted to human problem solving.

New menu item on Postgraduate Courses under Education

FP7 Information Event on Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics, Digital Libraries and Content taking place on 24-25 January 2007 in Luxembourg

List of funded network actions posted on 12 November 2006

Student Competition taking place on 11 January 2007

2nd euCognition Six-Monthly Meeting taking place on 12 January 2007

Proceedings of the the Third Workshop on Anticipatory Behaviour in Adaptive Learning Systems 30/10/06

The dynamic neural field approach to cognitive robotics: a tutorial paper written by Wolfram Erlhagen and Estela Bicho. 27 October 2006

Object Categorization: a review paper written by Axel Pinz. 27 October 2006

A list of members is now available. 30 August 2006

The euCognition Wiki is live ... take a look! 12 August 2006

Abstracts of the 6th Czech Slovak Workshop on Cognition and Artificial Life 10 August 2006

The rules for student membership have changed. Students can now be sponsored by any full member of euCognition who is familiar with the student's work (ideally, but not necessarily, their supervisor). See the membership page for more details. 8 August 2006

White paper on Action Selection for Intelligent Systems 7 August 2006

Final Report on Commission Cognitive Systems Workshops is now available 7 August 2006

DVD video of inaugural meeting presentations is now available 4 July 2006

1st euCognition Six-Monthly Meeting presentations are now available 4 July 2006

New material on post-cognitivist psychology 25 June 2006

Results of the Questionnaire 8 May 2006

2nd euCognition Six-Monthly Meeting 11-12 January 2007

1st euCognition Six-Monthly Meeting 3 July 2006

External Symbol Grounding Workshop 06 - Call for Papers 2-3 July 2006

6th Czech-Slovak workshop on Cognition and Artificial Life 28 May - 6 June 2006

CogSys II Conference 12-13 April 2006

Symposium on Grand Challenge 5: Architecture of Brain and Mind 3-4 April 2006

Inaugural euCognition Meeting 16-17 February 2006