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New.jpg The Situation Model Framework for Cognitive Behavior: Implications for the Design of Robot Cognitive Architectures Plenary talk at ICAR 2023
Africa Embraces AI, Robotics, and Machine Learning ICRES 2020
Culturally Competent Social_Robotics for Africa Diversity, Equity, Inclusion HRI Workshop 2023
Culturally Sensitive Human-Robot Interaction Africon 2023
Humanoid Robotics and Cognition Guest Lecture CMU-Africa 2023
Irish Culture CMU-Africa 2023
Experience in Teaching Cognitive Robotics IROS Workshop on Teaching and Training Students for Cognitive Robotics 2023
Prospection International Foundation of Robotics Research (IFRR) Robotics Global Colloquia 2020
The Situation Model Framework ZiF Center for Interdisciplinary Research 2020

Stay tuned ... many more presentations to come.